Newly-Tinted Car Windows

5 Best Practices in Maintaining Newly-Tinted Car Windows

Window tint is a thin, multi-layered film applied to vehicle windows’ interiors. It provides various benefits, including privacy, UV protection, and heat reduction. When installed correctly, window tinting adds to a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal while reducing the heat and glare reflected.

On the other hand, it also helps keep cars looking brand new. However, it is essential to maintain newly tinted car windows to ensure the longevity of the tint and the benefits it provides. But how should people keep newly-tinted car windows? Here are some ideas.

1. Keep Windows Rolled Up

After installing tinted windows, keeping them rolled up for at least 24-48 hours is essential. Leaving windows rolled up allows the tint to adhere to the window properly and prevents any damage or creases from forming. It is also necessary to avoid using the windows until fully cured.

Rolling your windows down immediately after tint installation can cause the tint film to peel or bubble because the adhesive needs time to set and bond correctly to the glass surface. It also helps to avoid exposing the tint to any dust, debris, or moisture that can cause damage.

2. Clean Windows Regularly

Regular cleaning of tinted windows is necessary to maintain their appearance and effectiveness. Dirt and debris can accumulate on the surface of the tint, leading to a decrease in visibility and the overall effectiveness of the shade.

Cleaning the windows ensures the tint is clean, allowing maximum visibility and protection. Dirty and dingy windows can make a building look unkempt and unprofessional. Regular cleaning removes dirt, grime, and other debris accumulating over time.

3. Never Scrub Windows Aggressively

Avoid using abrasive materials or scrubbing the windows aggressively when cleaning tinted windows. Aggressive scrubbing can cause damage to the tint, leading to scratches and tears. Instead, gently wipe the tint’s surface with a soft cloth or sponge.

Meanwhile, using a squeegee is an even better option. After you have cleaned the entire window surface, use a squeegee to remove the excess water and soap. Start at the top of the window and work your way down, wiping the squeegee blade clean after each pass.

4. Use Gentle Cleaning Chemicals

It is also essential to use gentle cleaning chemicals when cleaning tinted windows. Harsh chemicals, such as ammonia-based cleaners, can damage the tint and cause it to peel or discolor. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution or a specially formulated window cleaner on tinted windows.

5. Ensure Windows are Dry

After cleaning tinted windows, it is essential to ensure they are scorched before rolling them up or using them. Moisture can cause the tint to peel or bubble, leading to damage and reduced effectiveness. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess water from the surface of the shade before rolling up the windows.


In conclusion, maintaining newly tinted car windows is essential to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the tint. Car owners can enjoy the benefits of window tinting for years by following these best practices.

People should inquire through tinting companies about the best options for their needs. These companies have the experience and expertise to install tinted windows correctly, ensuring maximum effectiveness and longevity.

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